Coming up this weekend is the Vancouver Pride more pictures coming soon!



Getting into Vancouver life requires less coffee, less speed and patience (or just being totally laid back!) and it is nice.. sometimes — although I love the faster pace of life that Asia offers^^

Vancouver has a charm that Seoul doesn’t hold, nature within a short bus ride, cruise boats within ten minute walk from your front door, ocean views, mountains layered like cake with snow at the brim and the green of summer shining through!

This weekend, I took my husband to somewhere totally new – Lynn Valley and it was magical. We headed for a a quick McDonalds as our hunt for food when jumping off the bus didn’t leave many an option but when we headed to the gorge- we were left in awe – take a look here

Looking backwards

As you know, we’ve recently relocated to Vancouver in Canada.

We’ve sorted our home and finding work but my mind often swings back to Korea.

Yesterday, I was playing with the Clips feature of my IPhone and made this short video!

Korea will always remain my second home, I love the excitement and buzz of the big city. The wide array of galleries, shops and tourist hotspots to explore (something Vancouver needs to work on!)

Take a look here:

More coming soon!

Don’t worry, the website is being updated but the data has been eaten up by all the images.. more coming soon!

MegaBite Pizza, Van



1005 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1L4

After a long morning exploring, we were starving and found this magical bargain pizza place!

I recommend it for a quick bite and it can suit vegetarish types such as myself and meat eaters (like the other half!)


Coffee tips

With any new city, the exploration starts with coffee shops – I’m curious about what will await us in Vancouver.

We’ve discovered the numerous Starbucks and the Blenz Coffee shops and cans see clearly a wide range of independent chains waiting for discovery.

Welcoming any hints!



The last couple of months were very busy, my husband and I moved from our home for the past year in Jamsil to an AirBnB and then to the in-laws. Living out of suitcases, working, catching-up with friends and saying ‘see you soon’ to friends old and new.

In February, we landed in Canada as new PR Residents after a very unexpected change and now we are finding our feet in Canada. We’ve explored the city as much as you can in a short space (say, 8 days!) and even managed to find our new home in downtown, get our paperwork sorted (SIN, cell phone, banking and await the PR card).

Now we’ve got only a few more days in AirBNB before the actual move and concluded that Canadians are insanely friendly, welcoming folks, very helpful and have a neat sense of humour.

Unlike Korea, we can find foods from Korea and the UK all at a good price whereas Korea, foreign food (say British in this case) often over priced and we are shocked by how cheap so many other things can get – if you compare to Korea.

Korea shares first place with China, as my personal favorite place.. can Canada grab that title. Let us see!

It certainly offers some incredible views!




Exploring the world of vegan,

My October plan is to try engage with my body, make it more healthy, start to get fitter as the winter is around the corner and many a new adventure seems to be on the horizon. I think it is an an important goal.

My latest finds include a few of Seoul’s very hip veggie eateries including:

Plant Cafe (Itaewon), Vegetable (Sinsa) and So-Iroum.

Here a few pictures:

Vegetable: 서울 강남구 가남대로162길41-22 오로라빌1층

(below) from my visit to PlantCafe

Delish and Vegan!

As the new year dawns for Jews, that means my birthday looms. I decided to take a detour on the way home and treated myself to a quiet but fulling meal at 소이로움(SOIROUM) a vegan restaurant/cafe which is only a short throw from the center of Seoul.


Very easy to find:


Exciting exhibition in Germany

Explore Chinese Art at the heart of Europe

China 8

Germany launches massive art show in China