Teaching English in Korea


Photograph: Simon Williams-Im and a student at Hanseo University, Seosan.
Yes- the book is upside down – photograph was for a student project!  – Photo taken by Selina O’Donnell

Over the past few years, I’ve spent time teaching English in Korea. I have spent time working at an English Kids Hagwon (CBIS.K), an elementary school in Suyu (Beondong) and two Korean universities (Hanseo and Joongbu) and Gyeongsang University English Camp.

Teaching English was a very interesting change from working in the creative and political sector, it has been very rewarding and not only enables you to give back  but to learn so much about yourself whilst teaching others lifelong skills.


*ABOVE Image from CBIS.K website

I would very much recommend a long or short career as a teacher in Korea and beyond.


*ABOVE Image from CBIS.K website

For more information, EPIK and Dave’s ESL

If you wish to try for other jobs in Korea try PeoplenJobs (외국기업) or WorknPlay.


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