Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibition 2016

Last year the iconic Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition was central to the fashion map in Korea, it was a hit and attracted thousands. The event was presented by the Hyundai Card Culture Project and was it’s 21st event at DDP.

I loved the event, I really enjoyed the variety of designs put on display. As a Brit, I loved the British culture that was certainly present!

The event honored the 130th anniversary of the establishment of Korean and French diplomatic ties, with the sponsorship of obviously Hyundai card and Seoul Design Foundation.

(Below: an extract from the website)

Jean Paul Gaultier made his fashion world debut In 1976 with a ready-to-wear line of clothing. In 1997 Gaultier established a haute couture house in his name and became known as “the enfant terrible of the fashion world” due to his outlandish and eccentric designs. Bold, yet humorous, Gaultier’s designs challenged conventionally held societal concepts of identity, culture, and gender. His designs transcend the medium of fashion and are messages to society about upending norms and conventions.

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