Gwangyo is the last station on the highspeed ‘ShinBundangLine’ in Seoul. The new town is a quiet suburban little place, it has a wide range of coffee shops and spots waiting to be filled, there is a university which breathes life into the area whose main residents are young families who work and shop in the area but don’t make much sound, leaving the area to be quiet.

It is a place that I called home for a year, I did enjoy the quiet life that it offered as long as I had frequent trips to Seoul, Pangyo or Jeongja for a bit of life!

‘Penny Lane’ opened shortly before I headed back to Seoul, it is a stylish and very photogenic cafe. The design work put into the cafe really sells the place!

The food and coffee works up a storm!


It feels so ‘city’ like, so unique and cries for attention!

IMAG0636Stylish and friendly!

Delicious and divine!

and ready for a photoshoot!

Come and try, read more about their design and style – here

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