Every expat-Brit’s HEAVEN

The awesome Cafe/Restaurant/Shop that goes by the name of ‘glo London‘ is every British expat’s dream store, their store is stocked to the brim with the very best of British chocolates, treats and more.

Their menu serves up the hit British dishes that taste just like home!

So, if you find yourself in Shanghai and looking for a touch of ‘home,HOME’ then you know where to head!


Unfortunately we have to inform you all that glo London’s Wulumuqi Road outlet will now be closed for good.We signed the termination of the lease last week and the army have now reclaimed the premises. We are continuing to support and develop our franchisees and looking for a new premises. The Coffee Academics, which is a sister company, are looking for a new site imminently. We also have our central kitchen operation which we are expanding. If you want information about any of our other venues, in Shanghai, Ningbo, Nanjing or Zhengzhou, don’t hesitate to drop us a message. Thanks.

非常遗憾的通知您,我们glo London乌鲁木齐南路店将停止营业。我们已经和部队签署了解除租赁合同,且部队已经回收房屋。我们将继续支持和发展我们的加盟商并寻求一个新的店铺和机会。我们的姐妹公司,学研咖啡也正寻找一个新的店铺中。我们也正努力发展和扩大中央厨房。如果你想更多的了解我们上海、宁波、南京或郑州的信息,可以随时给我们留言。谢谢

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