AquaField at Starfield

How to end an awesome vacation?

I’ve always been a big fan of all things coming from Shinsegae and their latest product, Starfield is a magical treat. A short walk or a bus ride from Samseong on Line 3, a 20-30 minute ride from north Seoul.

I recommend you arrive early, 6-7am.. and spend a few hours in the mall’s spa and this post will give you a good reason, the spa offers many treats and my favorites were the pools.

The spa is located on the top floor, so once you feel all refreshed you can head downstairs for lunch and then some coffee!


The iconic entrance,




Location: 경기도 고양시 덕양구 고양대로 1955

Exploring the awesome Starfield Goyang

The latest mastermind of the Shinsegae  is Starfield Goyang which includes a handful of international brands, a long list of amazing Korean brands and even a fantastic new spa. I would highly recommend a visit and it is easy to get to (address: 경기도 고양시 덕양구 고양대로 1955)

back to work..

A new term starts, the sky is beautiful and the country air feels fresh.

Great to be back!

Evening stroll, Seoul Station 

Seoul on a busy Friday night is always magical, I loved walking across the latest addition to Seoull07017 and Seoul Station.

London, kept part of my heart

London will always keep part of my heart, the city is so vibrant and alive.

I love these images and they remind me of a place that is always home, wherever in the world I may find myself!

A Touch of Budapest

Exploring Budapest is a very easy activity, the city is very walk-able and offers a fantastic metro.

Budapest was an amazing experience, it felt such an innocent and special place. It was a calm place and where you can go to relax and feel relaxed.

TimeOut in Tel Aviv

Joseph Bau House

The Joseph Bau House tells the story of a leading Israeli artist, Joseph Bau’s whose creativity spans animation, graphs, movies and painting.


This awesome gallery is worthy of a visit.

Joseph Bau House

Joseph Bau by The Guardian



Brummie, goes to Brum!

Exploring my hometown..Birmingham!

Floating towards Israel

Flying into Israel is so magical,