Busan Museum of Art

Explore Busan Museum of Art in 2015, a walk down memory lane because art is beautiful whatever date!


‘Design Your Self’ was the title of the exciting summer exhibition at the iconic Seoul Art Center which focused on the highly expressive and motivating designer Karim Rashid.

Rashid’s works give off the impression of a fun loving, highly motivated and inspiring artist. The artist’s  dream role in life is to bring the world ‘happy’ feelings, it works, gallery-goers were interacting with the exhibits.


His designs play well into Korean life, major brands use his design work and they are popular – just pop to Paris Baguette or buying water, you will find him!

With other 350 pieces of furniture, objects, commercial products, media art and design sketches along with structures designed specifically for this amazing event.

For me, the sketches were the most inspiring as someone who has always been curious about ‘doing design’, I always want to see how the first sketches and foundations take form and he gives it to us, he makes us people on the journey (even though the final product sits besides us!). I thank him for that.

As you can see below, his work’s are just awesome, awe-inspiring and take a glance at my Instagram for an amazing video.

I found this exhibition motivational, I found it interactive and different. I felt part of the exhibition.

This artist takes us for a journey, he even gives us his desk!

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Nude at GalleryNSW

Recently, we visited the Nude exhibition at SOMA Museum in Jamsil.

Interestingly, we saw the same exhibition in Sydney (Australia) at ‘The Art Gallery NSW” which was slightly larger.

The exhibition is composed of over 100 major representations of the nude body and has works be the legends such as Picasso, Freud, Matisse and more.


Friedensreich Hundertwasser

Friedensreich Hundertwasser  is known as the ‘Austrian Gaudi’  and is known as a representative painter and architect, an exhibition was held at Sejong Center, Seoul.

He is a symbolic figure for a non-conformist way of life, a forerunner of environmental protection and an ambassador for a self-determined alternative existence. hundertwasser.com

A timeline of his biography of his career can be found here

The Facebook for the artist is here.

Hyung Seok Choi

Amazing and inspiring exhibition at ‘Able Fine Art NY’ in Seoul, titled ‘Silent Impetus’ with works by Hyung Seok Choi (featured on this blog) and Hoonchul Kim (ceramic works).

As an artist, I found Hyung Seok Choi’s works so inspiring to aim higher and try harder. I would love to create such energetic and motivational images.


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