BANGKOK China Town

Bangkok’s ChinaTown is a very popular hotspot for visitors to the city, the food, the shops are the calling point for people who flock to ChinaTown to explore the vibrant and lively streets.

It’s well worth a trip!

For the top 10 things – check here

300 ซอย เยาวราช 6 Yaowarat Rd, Samphanthawong, Bangkok 10100 태국

WAT PHO in Bangkok

The journey was amazing, the inspiration drawn from the experience immense.

Wat Pho, the Buddhist Temple complex is just south of the Grand Palace and is famous for the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. It was rebuilt by King Rama 1, then expanded and renovated by Rama III.

It is home to the largest collection of Buddha images in Thailand.


Displays of Bangkok Art and Culture Center (2013)

Lumphini Park and Crowne Plaza Pool

One of my favourite parks in Bangkok was Lumphini Park, it is a massive park that covers  142 acres, with so many parts to explore.

It is pretty, it is very relaxing and you just never know what animals you may bump into… some were a bit scary!

The park was created in the 1920s by King Rama VI on Royal property, during World War II it served as a base for the Japanese.

It is named after Lumbini, the birthplace of the Buddha in Nepal.

Use of the swimming pool requires a medical certificate for foreigners (so you can always try the pool at the Crowne Plaza and get the above view!)





Bangkok’s Slums

Bangkok is an amazing city, it has so many sides and experiences.

During my visit to Bangkok, I explored the Slum area and it was very surprising and interesting to see the contrasts.



ROAST is the number one coffee shop of our trip to Bangkok, my personal favourite coffee experience during the break was the ‘Iced Espresso Latte’ which is simply your coffee experience turned upside-down.

The reverse experience is where the espresso is turned into ice cubes and you get to pour the milky foam from an adorable bottle of milk on the side, the latte remains cold and undiluted. The coffee gets stronger, the drink last longer and so does the nattering.

Roast Coffee and Eatery have on hand a wide range of drinks and food to keep you busy, the stylish setting will keep your creative soul orgasmic.

Kuppadeli: BANGKOK

A recent find on our summer vacation in Bangkok was the awesome Kuppadeli. Their website runs the slogan ‘a cafe that speaks from the heart’ and it won’t surprise you to be true, I wish there was a Kuppadeli in Seoul.

We enjoyed a couple of dinners whilst travelling and exploring Bangkok, we even made sure to squeeze in one last trip before heading to the airport.

Their story is sweet and I would recommend their ‘Emporium’ branch.

Created by Robin Lourvanij – a mother of three wonderful children, a great chef, and a passionate coffee lover – the original Kuppa has defined café dining in Bangkok since its ground-breaking opening in 1998. It is just as vibrant today as it was, and is proof that style outlasts fashion. We still hand roast our own coffee in-house and distribute to discerning buyers worldwide. We still serve our classic brownies that everyone has come to love, yet keep things fresh by continuing to introduce chefs, contemporary menus, and seasonal ingredients.