Coffee tips

With any new city, the exploration starts with coffee shops – I’m curious about what will await us in Vancouver.

We’ve discovered the numerous Starbucks and the Blenz Coffee shops and cans see clearly a wide range of independent chains waiting for discovery.

Welcoming any hints!



The last couple of months were very busy, my husband and I moved from our home for the past year in Jamsil to an AirBnB and then to the in-laws. Living out of suitcases, working, catching-up with friends and saying ‘see you soon’ to friends old and new.

In February, we landed in Canada as new PR Residents after a very unexpected change and now we are finding our feet in Canada. We’ve explored the city as much as you can in a short space (say, 8 days!) and even managed to find our new home in downtown, get our paperwork sorted (SIN, cell phone, banking and await the PR card).

Now we’ve got only a few more days in AirBNB before the actual move and concluded that Canadians are insanely friendly, welcoming folks, very helpful and have a neat sense of humour.

Unlike Korea, we can find foods from Korea and the UK all at a good price whereas Korea, foreign food (say British in this case) often over priced and we are shocked by how cheap so many other things can get – if you compare to Korea.

Korea shares first place with China, as my personal favorite place.. can Canada grab that title. Let us see!

It certainly offers some incredible views!





My sweet hometown of Birmingham does have so much to offer, even in such a small space. Please enjoy some special moments!

TimeOut in Tel Aviv

Platz Coffee 플라츠커피

Platz Coffee in Gwangyo, a chilled and quiet place to go for your mid-morning break at work or an afternoon off – just as much as an evening drink!

When I was working in Gwangyo, I frequently went to Platz as it was across from my work. I loved the music and chilled atmosphere. Give it a whirl.

Go to the end of the ShinBundangLine and take a left!


영통구 이의동 1202 골드클래스5 109호

The Grounds of Alexandria, Sydney


The Grounds of Alexandria was one of our first stops in Sydney, ironically we bumped into a good friend from Korea who had just landed.

This unique location is a former industrial area that was a very different place back in the 1920s.

Fast forward to the present, the site is home to an amazing coffee roastery, cafe and sustainable garden – the livestock are very active and cute!

The coffee is awesome and the food is delicious and tempting, get ready to rock those calories!


So, if you head down under.. you know where to go!

For more info



The Grounds of Alexandria
Building 7A, 2 Huntley St,
Alexandria, NSW, 2015

One Ordinary Mansion


One Ordinary Mansion‘ was a trendy cafe, I always passed-by after popping to Emart when I lived in Gwangyo. It always seemed a curious place, it was rarely rammed full of people and looked like a PR-worker’s dream location – take your laptop, sip coffee, plan a campaign.


After a long time, we finally headed there, it was trendy, it was cute and for sure stylish. The owners thought about the design, they paid a lot of interest into how customers would feel and they prepared very well.

Check it out, end of the ShinBundang Line from Gangnam –

There is a very easy to follow map on this Japanese website about the cafe.

Gwangyo is the last station on the highspeed ‘ShinBundangLine’ in Seoul. The new town is a quiet suburban little place, it has a wide range of coffee shops and spots waiting to be filled, there is a university which breathes life into the area whose main residents are young families who work and shop in the area but don’t make much sound, leaving the area to be quiet.

It is a place that I called home for a year, I did enjoy the quiet life that it offered as long as I had frequent trips to Seoul, Pangyo or Jeongja for a bit of life!

‘Penny Lane’ opened shortly before I headed back to Seoul, it is a stylish and very photogenic cafe. The design work put into the cafe really sells the place!

The food and coffee works up a storm!


It feels so ‘city’ like, so unique and cries for attention!

IMAG0636Stylish and friendly!

Delicious and divine!

and ready for a photoshoot!

Come and try, read more about their design and style – here

Space Shinseon 스페이스 신선

Adorable coffee shop and gallery, a stone’s throw from Itaewon and Hanganjin Station. It is sleek, stylish and unique.. not forgetting cosy!

Space Shinseon is worth a sip,


Seoul, Yongsan-gu, Itaewon-ro, 256

best from Hanganjin: come out from exit 1 or 3, keep walking straight, then you will find the unique architecture building like what you can see above!

See: Gallery

Thesis Coffee and Laundry Pizza: perfect combo

Looking for a chilled afternoon in Gangnam, explore the shops and take a pit stop at ‘Laundry Pizza’ and Thesis Coffee’ – you can take them in any order, FYI!

Why ‘Thesis Coffee’?

‘Thesis’ isn’t simply a coffee shop, it is a stylish and friendly area. It is more than a chain coffee shop as it has a real character and generates an atmosphere that is special. I would suggest ‘Thesis’ in the morning for downtime, the afternoon and evening for dates and catch up’s (and save room for desert!).


Why ‘Laundry Pizza’ (런드

Trendy homemade pizza place, the restaurant is stylishly designed. You guessed it, a laundromat and that includes wall decorations that include washing machine doors, knows and more. Perfect quick pizza where you can go for more, on a need for more!


Thesis Coffee

32 Gangnam-daero 102-gil, Yeoksam 1(il)-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Laundry Pizza

810-13 Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul