Get Some Coffee – 겟썸커피

We found a magical coffee shop on the back streets of Seokcheon Lake road, aka Coffee Street. I highly recommend you drop by, have a chit-chat, enjoy great coffee, play a game, draw and chill! (btw, the cookies are awesome!


서울특별시 송파구 송파1동 오금로16길 12

Gould Coffee (굴드커피) in Sinsa

I found this cute coffee shop in Sinsa on the way to work, it is slightly set back from the street but remains firmly on the main road. I would recommend it for a quiet morning coffee and browse of the news.

I felt like it ‘hots’ up in the evening. Let me know your experience!



17-4 Nonhyeon-Dong, Gangnam, Seoul

Yangjae’s answer to cool coffee

Yangjae has some very cute coffeeshops! I’ve gotta admit that CoffeePlant is my favourite. The space is very open, clean and chilled. Good music and great coffee.

Some snaps!

JAMSIL: A perfect evening

Last night, my husband and I along with some friends went to the local ‘Angels-in-Us‘ and were surprised by the perfect dinner date food. Korean coffee shops now do ‘restaurant’ experience and it is awesome!

at Angel-in-Us on Seokcheon Lake Road, Jamsil

Maroon Coffee Gwangyo

One of my old local coffee shops in Gwangyo, Maroon Coffee.

The coffee shop is very modern, unique and cute. It sits aside a small stream and overlooks a nice green patch with room for a nice quiet social, study or just downtime.

Check out some pictures:




ROAST is the number one coffee shop of our trip to Bangkok, my personal favourite coffee experience during the break was the ‘Iced Espresso Latte’ which is simply your coffee experience turned upside-down.

The reverse experience is where the espresso is turned into ice cubes and you get to pour the milky foam from an adorable bottle of milk on the side, the latte remains cold and undiluted. The coffee gets stronger, the drink last longer and so does the nattering.

Roast Coffee and Eatery have on hand a wide range of drinks and food to keep you busy, the stylish setting will keep your creative soul orgasmic.

Starbucks Korea – Latest

On the advice of a certain someone, I tried some of the latest products from Starbucks Korea and it was well worth it (I had some calories missing after spending two weeks working with kids!).

The Caramel Sand was my favourite (카라멜 샌드) with the brownie coming close (진한 초콜릿 브라우니).

Check out the Starbucks Food Menu (Korea)

CafePandan, Jinju

Cafe Pandan is centrally located, close to the main shopping district and the Emart near the Fortress.  I had wondered past the cafe at the start of my time in Jinju – I glanced in, I really liked what I saw..

When I did return, I had no regret – the cafe is very cosy, a good place to chill, relax, unwind and settle into a good book. Perfect for any Instagrammer.. or a night with friends!

I recommend it!

Looking back to Jinju

Last weekend, I arrived all energised from an awesome two weeks in Jinju, South Korea. I went to Jinju admittedly for a two week summer camp where I worked with kids on an English immersion program and it was exhausting but with the energy of any YOLOite, I explored the place as much as possible!

Jinju is on the south coast, it is divided by the Nam River (NamGang) and that river is decorated by a beautiful Fortress and a host of iconic buildings, cafes and shops. I arrived in #Jinju by #KoreanAir at the local Sacheon Airport.

The arrival was somewhat complicated but not on the part of the airline or airport, just a very friendly taxi driver who totally forgot to give me a second to grab my suitcase before he sped off — but yes — this is Korea, after one hour of stress at the airport (after a coffee at the GNU Starbucks and another taxi ride to the airport) the very kind tourist office assistant had located the originally taxi based on my clear description of a black taxi with a mini airplane on top!

As it happens, Jinju is accessible by airplane, train and bus – I left by KTX but this was purely down to cost. My time in Jinju depended in the main on foot exploration but also the awesome 130 bus.

My favourite locations whilst in Jinju:

Jinju Fortress, a very impressive fortress that had faced partial destruction during the 1592 Japanese invasion. I explored the Fortress grounds in the evening when it seems most beautiful due to the way the site looks so splendid under the moonlight.

Of great importance for coffee-lovers is the Coffee street just across from the Emart found at the back of the Fortress. #CafePandan and #Cafe1404 are the places that I would certainly recommend as a place to catch up with yourself, thinking time, or simply rest and relax.

Beyond the coffee shops, I would highly recommend exploring the city by foot – you will find small galleries, shopping areas, the river itself lends itself as a wonderful place to re-energize!

So for me, Jinju was a place to touch base.

To relax, walk and explore.

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