Seoul Museum Of Art

SEMA (Seoul Museum of Art) always offers a variety of awesome exhibitions, I was especially impressed with the work of the late Chun Kyung-Ja’s work and equally I suggest art lovers explore all of the SEMA locations in Seoul and even given their gallery in Nown-Gu a look over.

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SNU Museum of Art

An awesome gem at the Seoul National University is the ‘Museum of Art’ which seems to host some pretty amazing works let alone to be itself an artistic treasure on the glowing green campus on the southern part of Seoul.

For jaw-dropping creative exhibitions hit the green line and head there:



Yeoksam’s Global Village, the small gallery

Exploring Gangnam is always fun, it is blessed with shops upon shops, cafes upon cafes and is a commercial heaven.. but.. walk those streets a bit more and you will find small temples, old buildings and the local community center which houses the Seoul Global Village Centre and a nice little space for a public gallery (like many GU offices).. here is a snap of a the Yeoksam’s mini gallery that I explored with my good friend Rebecca.


‘Design Your Self’ was the title of the exciting summer exhibition at the iconic Seoul Art Center which focused on the highly expressive and motivating designer Karim Rashid.

Rashid’s works give off the impression of a fun loving, highly motivated and inspiring artist. The artist’s  dream role in life is to bring the world ‘happy’ feelings, it works, gallery-goers were interacting with the exhibits.


His designs play well into Korean life, major brands use his design work and they are popular – just pop to Paris Baguette or buying water, you will find him!

With other 350 pieces of furniture, objects, commercial products, media art and design sketches along with structures designed specifically for this amazing event.

For me, the sketches were the most inspiring as someone who has always been curious about ‘doing design’, I always want to see how the first sketches and foundations take form and he gives it to us, he makes us people on the journey (even though the final product sits besides us!). I thank him for that.

As you can see below, his work’s are just awesome, awe-inspiring and take a glance at my Instagram for an amazing video.

I found this exhibition motivational, I found it interactive and different. I felt part of the exhibition.

This artist takes us for a journey, he even gives us his desk!

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The TOP location for people with a good sense of humour and a love of things cheeky, Jeju Love Land. This will give you a whole new picture of how Koreans think and work!

(though maybe the high number of love motels and Kdrama could well be a hint!)


10 Corso Como comes to SEOUL Avenuel

20170821_150919The trendy, stylish and simply divine 10 Corso Como has arrived in North Seoul at the Lotte Department store’s Seoul ‘Avenuel’ with a divine Cafe which is divine.

The new 10 Corso Como offers a handful of sections: women, men, beauty, books and designrestaurant, cafe and garden.

Quicklink to their bookstore.


I think 10 Corso Como is always worth at the least a little look around – and a nice drink!

Goto the Lotte Department Store at Eulijuro Il Ga


Hyung Seok Choi

Amazing and inspiring exhibition at ‘Able Fine Art NY’ in Seoul, titled ‘Silent Impetus’ with works by Hyung Seok Choi (featured on this blog) and Hoonchul Kim (ceramic works).

As an artist, I found Hyung Seok Choi’s works so inspiring to aim higher and try harder. I would love to create such energetic and motivational images.

Exploring Goyang

Back in April, I visited Goyang for a picnic and mooch around the city. I was well impressed and plan to head there again – there is a new Starfield to be explored as a plus!

As time allowed, I dropped by the AramNuri Art Center, the lake and the Toilet Museum (as you do).

​Dongmyo discovery

I’ve explored Dongmyo quite well. I was surprised to see a new ‘must-see’ and it is well hidden on a back street but worthy of a short visit.

Set in a traditional Korean building is an inspiring and creative memorial house for the mush loved Korean artist, Nam June Paik.

The location isn’t set up for the nonKorean speaker as most notices are in Korean but his pictures and creations need no words. Be inspired and take a browse, there is a small cafe and nearby plenty of shops.

#namjunepaik #백남준기념관 #iseoulu #namjunepaikmemorialhouse #lpmkorea

My personal recommendation is to drop by #Breadone near #dongmyostation.