Exploring Gwangyo


Exploring Gwangyo, a quiet little place at the end of the ShinBundang Line from Gangnam station is worth a visit.


It is home to a lot of history, a nice supply of shops and cafes and lots of food. I was a resident of the area two years back, I think it is a very cosy place to live but I did miss the crazy busy Seoul buzz!


Here are some pictures near to the Tomb of Prince Hyeryeong (1407-1440).

Platz Coffee 플라츠커피

Platz Coffee in Gwangyo, a chilled and quiet place to go for your mid-morning break at work or an afternoon off – just as much as an evening drink!

When I was working in Gwangyo, I frequently went to Platz as it was across from my work. I loved the music and chilled atmosphere. Give it a whirl.

Go to the end of the ShinBundangLine and take a left!


영통구 이의동 1202 골드클래스5 109호

One Ordinary Mansion


One Ordinary Mansion‘ was a trendy cafe, I always passed-by after popping to Emart when I lived in Gwangyo. It always seemed a curious place, it was rarely rammed full of people and looked like a PR-worker’s dream location – take your laptop, sip coffee, plan a campaign.


After a long time, we finally headed there, it was trendy, it was cute and for sure stylish. The owners thought about the design, they paid a lot of interest into how customers would feel and they prepared very well.

Check it out, end of the ShinBundang Line from Gangnam –

There is a very easy to follow map on this Japanese website about the cafe.

The Moon from Gwangyo

Exploring the Moon from Gwangyo, Korea.

Maroon Coffee Gwangyo

One of my old local coffee shops in Gwangyo, Maroon Coffee.

The coffee shop is very modern, unique and cute. It sits aside a small stream and overlooks a nice green patch with room for a nice quiet social, study or just downtime.

Check out some pictures: