One Ordinary Mansion


One Ordinary Mansion‘ was a trendy cafe, I always passed-by after popping to Emart when I lived in Gwangyo. It always seemed a curious place, it was rarely rammed full of people and looked like a PR-worker’s dream location – take your laptop, sip coffee, plan a campaign.


After a long time, we finally headed there, it was trendy, it was cute and for sure stylish. The owners thought about the design, they paid a lot of interest into how customers would feel and they prepared very well.

Check it out, end of the ShinBundang Line from Gangnam –

There is a very easy to follow map on this Japanese website about the cafe.

Gwangyo is the last station on the highspeed ‘ShinBundangLine’ in Seoul. The new town is a quiet suburban little place, it has a wide range of coffee shops and spots waiting to be filled, there is a university which breathes life into the area whose main residents are young families who work and shop in the area but don’t make much sound, leaving the area to be quiet.

It is a place that I called home for a year, I did enjoy the quiet life that it offered as long as I had frequent trips to Seoul, Pangyo or Jeongja for a bit of life!

‘Penny Lane’ opened shortly before I headed back to Seoul, it is a stylish and very photogenic cafe. The design work put into the cafe really sells the place!

The food and coffee works up a storm!


It feels so ‘city’ like, so unique and cries for attention!

IMAG0636Stylish and friendly!

Delicious and divine!

and ready for a photoshoot!

Come and try, read more about their design and style – here

Thesis Coffee and Laundry Pizza: perfect combo

Looking for a chilled afternoon in Gangnam, explore the shops and take a pit stop at ‘Laundry Pizza’ and Thesis Coffee’ – you can take them in any order, FYI!

Why ‘Thesis Coffee’?

‘Thesis’ isn’t simply a coffee shop, it is a stylish and friendly area. It is more than a chain coffee shop as it has a real character and generates an atmosphere that is special. I would suggest ‘Thesis’ in the morning for downtime, the afternoon and evening for dates and catch up’s (and save room for desert!).


Why ‘Laundry Pizza’ (런드

Trendy homemade pizza place, the restaurant is stylishly designed. You guessed it, a laundromat and that includes wall decorations that include washing machine doors, knows and more. Perfect quick pizza where you can go for more, on a need for more!


Thesis Coffee

32 Gangnam-daero 102-gil, Yeoksam 1(il)-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Laundry Pizza

810-13 Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul




The Australian experience at the center of Jamsil.

I loved this place,I loved the feel of the restaurant.

Great food and great company – just makes it a perfect match!

Gould Coffee (굴드커피) in Sinsa

I found this cute coffee shop in Sinsa on the way to work, it is slightly set back from the street but remains firmly on the main road. I would recommend it for a quiet morning coffee and browse of the news.

I felt like it ‘hots’ up in the evening. Let me know your experience!



17-4 Nonhyeon-Dong, Gangnam, Seoul

CafePandan, Jinju

Cafe Pandan is centrally located, close to the main shopping district and the Emart near the Fortress.  I had wondered past the cafe at the start of my time in Jinju – I glanced in, I really liked what I saw..

When I did return, I had no regret – the cafe is very cosy, a good place to chill, relax, unwind and settle into a good book. Perfect for any Instagrammer.. or a night with friends!

I recommend it!