ITAEWON: days gone by

Itaewon has long been one of my favourite parts of Seoul, it is diverse, it is cultural and GAY. As time has passed, it remains firmly in my heart as a place that now feels like a place that I grew up in, I went to parties, I danced away weekends, I met up with friends and ate Indian. Sometimes, I’d wake up there most weekends..

Now, I have moved forward and the city is being viewed very differently. I am fond of Itaewon but fondness has expanded to not just a few more ‘hoods’ but to the many and my love of Seoul has grown even more, replacing many old memories with those of Seoul.

Seoul will for a long time be my number one, shared with Shanghai, Jerusalem, Birmingham and London.

But, I have a few black and white shots that I found on one of my old account of Itaewon so I will give you a glance!

Pastel and Male Oil by Simon Williams-Im

Reviewing my images for my new blog, I came across an oil of man and a pastel drawing of a lady that I did in Itaewon, Seoul.

Take a look at my other creations in the art section!

Space Shinseon 스페이스 신선

Adorable coffee shop and gallery, a stone’s throw from Itaewon and Hanganjin Station. It is sleek, stylish and unique.. not forgetting cosy!

Space Shinseon is worth a sip,


Seoul, Yongsan-gu, Itaewon-ro, 256

best from Hanganjin: come out from exit 1 or 3, keep walking straight, then you will find the unique architecture building like what you can see above!

See: Gallery

Getting Canadian

Experiencing a touch of Canadianism in Seoul is very easy, there are so many Canadians based in Korea and Asia. We headed to Canadian hangout ‘Canucks‘ in Itaewon for ‘fish and chips’ and a delicious ‘burger’.

Some snaps that should easily tempt you!

Check out their menu and official website right Canucks Korea and remember ‘positive is my routine’ ^^