Jongno Tower 종로 타워


Jongno Tower, the giant beauty that stands just above Jongak Station in the heart of Seoul is a 33 floored office building with a beautiful bookstore at the base and foodhall.

It is owned by Samsung Securities and designed by Rafael Vinoly Architects, built in 1999 and reaches 132 meters.


Give the bar a try:


Can’t find it, still? Look for this building


Visit the Blue House

Another must on a trip to Seoul, a visit to the Korean Presidential Home: The Blue House or Cheong Wae Dae.


Fancy a visit to the Blue House?

Book here

Visit the Presidential website

Korea’s National Assembly

Explore the Korean’s National Assembly Building in Yeouido.

Visit the National Assembly

ITAEWON: days gone by

Itaewon has long been one of my favourite parts of Seoul, it is diverse, it is cultural and GAY. As time has passed, it remains firmly in my heart as a place that now feels like a place that I grew up in, I went to parties, I danced away weekends, I met up with friends and ate Indian. Sometimes, I’d wake up there most weekends..

Now, I have moved forward and the city is being viewed very differently. I am fond of Itaewon but fondness has expanded to not just a few more ‘hoods’ but to the many and my love of Seoul has grown even more, replacing many old memories with those of Seoul.

Seoul will for a long time be my number one, shared with Shanghai, Jerusalem, Birmingham and London.

But, I have a few black and white shots that I found on one of my old account of Itaewon so I will give you a glance!

Wanna One – Energetic



The debut album of the latest K-Pop 11 member boy was released this month, the band is made from guys who were voted by the public through the hit MNET Survival talent show: Produce101: Season 2.

Wanna One 워너원

Wanna One OfficialWanna-One-All-Member-Profiles-Facts-Ideal-Types-740x431Image:

Cruise down the Han..

The Han River runs through the heart of Seoul and is a must for any trip to Seoul.


coffee as you float along the Han River, take in the architecture, the history and beautiful hum of the city.


Deoksugung Palace

Another beauty..


Is Deoksugung Palace which is located right next to the City Hall and main Lotte Department Store in the heart of Seoul, this location is very romantic and should be visited during the day or for a romantic evening stroll (at night), it is open some evenings!

I have pictures from the evening on this blog – so please check it out!

Some snaps during the day




Exploring Gwanghamun

My favorite tourist location is Seoul has to be Gwanghwamun. This is the number one location that tourists will flock to on arrival and a historical location, this is where the people of Korea protested to remove their former President, President Park who is currently in jail awaiting the final decision and suffering a bad toe.

For me, Gwanghwamun is where my husband proposed to me –

Exploring Gwangyo


Exploring Gwangyo, a quiet little place at the end of the ShinBundang Line from Gangnam station is worth a visit.


It is home to a lot of history, a nice supply of shops and cafes and lots of food. I was a resident of the area two years back, I think it is a very cosy place to live but I did miss the crazy busy Seoul buzz!


Here are some pictures near to the Tomb of Prince Hyeryeong (1407-1440).

Platz Coffee 플라츠커피

Platz Coffee in Gwangyo, a chilled and quiet place to go for your mid-morning break at work or an afternoon off – just as much as an evening drink!

When I was working in Gwangyo, I frequently went to Platz as it was across from my work. I loved the music and chilled atmosphere. Give it a whirl.

Go to the end of the ShinBundangLine and take a left!


영통구 이의동 1202 골드클래스5 109호