Exploring Jerusalem

Was great to be back in Jerusalem, I lived in the city when I worked at The Jerusalem Post.

It was awesome to be back, I love this city so much, it’s like my second or third home.. depends how you look at i

Exploring Gwanghamun

My favorite tourist location is Seoul has to be Gwanghwamun. This is the number one location that tourists will flock to on arrival and a historical location, this is where the people of Korea protested to remove their former President, President Park who is currently in jail awaiting the final decision and suffering a bad toe.

For me, Gwanghwamun is where my husband proposed to me –

Chinese ArtWork

A selection of Artwork from an exhibition I went to

wayback (well, 2013!)


Exploring Gwangyo


Exploring Gwangyo, a quiet little place at the end of the ShinBundang Line from Gangnam station is worth a visit.


It is home to a lot of history, a nice supply of shops and cafes and lots of food. I was a resident of the area two years back, I think it is a very cosy place to live but I did miss the crazy busy Seoul buzz!


Here are some pictures near to the Tomb of Prince Hyeryeong (1407-1440).