TimeOut in Tel Aviv

Shanghai Studio, Shanghai

Swing by Jiatong University station and walk for a few minutes and you will find a great Gay club/bar called Shanghai Studio (Huaihai Middle Rd, Changning Qu, Shanghai Shi, China, 200000) just behind the China Life Insurance Building.

Whilst in the area, I would suggest trying ‘Eddys‘.

There are a few other gay joints in the area, plus a very stylish Starbucks.

Korea Times tackles Same-Sex Marriage

One of the leading Korean English newspapers has tackled the issue of Same-Sex marriage in Korea – check out the report which has made it to the South China Morning Post

IMG_20170717_233735_147.jpgright here : Same-Sex Marriage

Please support the on-going call for Same-Sex Marriage in Korea – Change.org

There was a previous article in GayStarNews which can be found GayStarNews.