The TOP location for people with a good sense of humour and a love of things cheeky, Jeju Love Land. This will give you a whole new picture of how Koreans think and work!

(though maybe the high number of love motels and Kdrama could well be a hint!)


Vancouver flashback

We’re planning on experiencing Vancouver. I went there way back and would welcome any advice on life in the city and life in Canada – so please let me know!

Here are my favourite pictures from my time in the city!

Korean news in Vancouver

Exploring Jinju by foot..

The time spent exploring Jinju involved so much walking and exploring, I’m thankful for the independent coffee shops and Starbucks that I found during my morning and evening strolls. I think Spring and Summer may well lend the traveller a golden bonus and that is the nature ticket.

Every moment has some magical beauty. Thank you for the energy and good vibes, Jinju!