Hotel Signiel

Exploring the LotteWorld’s , as it was our Wedding Anniversary we decided to venture across the lake by our home to visit the Hotel that we can see from our window at the top of this massive building.

The staff at the elevator at the base of the tower, were very friendly and helpful. We took the elevator up into the 80s and it took seconds, ear popping and’all.

We arrived on the bar floor with the plan to check out Korea’s heavenly bar on the 81F, Bar81 certainly offers a great selection with some pretty awesome prices.. but in all honesty, I’ve been to the Grand Hyatt and enjoyed their ‘Cloud9‘ bar and the view is just as awesome but the prices are at least logical, 15,000 – 10GBP a sprite, 19,000 a coffee – 12 GBP and as for the drinkies..?

We passed on the drinks and headed to the toilets, automated and plush and then the stairwell view was divine.

After, we headed down to the lounge on the 79F which was certainly stylish and the view amazing.

I took a look at their website and their offers look great, I do wonder why a two person room only comes with a Evian Spa body treatment for one?

Evian SPA

– Location: 86th Floor
– Operation hours: 09:00 am – 22:00 pm
– Inquiry: 02-3213-1383~4 (Advanced reservation required)

* SPA Program “Complice Du Corps”
Body slimming massage. Movements to apply pressure and provide drainage act on localized unwanted curves. Has a slimming effect and using a sculpting massage technique activates blood circulation. This treatment provides a real feeling of energy and lightness.


Take a look at the offers, I guess in the name of YOLO.. it is very tempting!

Their spa can be found on the 85F

The Evian Spa is based on the 86F

The Swimming Pool


Seoul, Sincheon-dong, 올림픽로 300

One Ordinary Mansion


One Ordinary Mansion‘ was a trendy cafe, I always passed-by after popping to Emart when I lived in Gwangyo. It always seemed a curious place, it was rarely rammed full of people and looked like a PR-worker’s dream location – take your laptop, sip coffee, plan a campaign.


After a long time, we finally headed there, it was trendy, it was cute and for sure stylish. The owners thought about the design, they paid a lot of interest into how customers would feel and they prepared very well.

Check it out, end of the ShinBundang Line from Gangnam –

There is a very easy to follow map on this Japanese website about the cafe.